The Problem

Generic calling plans and pricing too restrictive. One size does not fit all. Your community and friends are special and so should be the way you call them.

  • Why can't calling be better?
  • Why can't calling be easier?
  • Why can't calling be fun again?

Telinit Technologies has created the next generation solution that solves the problems which make it difficult to talk on the phone. Yes we support text and messaging but our focus is on the voice experience. We believe that the new advances in technology doesn't require our giving up the ways we had talked on the phone in the past.

Bringing Communication back to the community

Telinit Technologies has patented technologies that allowed us to develop a new type of "Phone Company" dedicated to a community of interest.

Free Calling within your community - Everybody within your community can call everybody else without worrying about talking too long and incurring additional charges.

Easy Dialing plans - We support 3, 4 and 5 digit dialing within the community, so it is easier to remember someone’s phone number. Of course calling name is supported also.

Our Network

Transparent to our customers - We utilize the latest in cloud-based / virtual phone system technology ensuring crystal clear calling.

We are here when you need us - Our customer care organization is ready to support any questions that might arise from using our network. We can add users, create accounts, modify your existing account or let you know how the weather is like in Marshall TX. We are here for you.

What we are all about

We are a small company looking forward to grow with the community. We are developing alliances with companies in the telecommunication area in which we can develop relationships and “share” our intellectual property and / or collaborate with each other to improve the products that we offer to the communities to which we provide services.

We are working in the development of new services according to the needs of our community.

Who We Are

Telinit Technologies is all about the end user experience. Our staff and executive management team has been in the industry for many years and with deep knowledge has come up with this winning combination.

Dr. Beatriz Lopez

President and Owner

Dr. Beatriz Lopez is an emerging authority and speaker on learning communities’ development, science education, curriculum develop and entrepreneurship. Her enthusiasm helps her to quickly connect with academic and entrepreneurial stakeholders making an impact on them to take action and ownership of their pathways to success.

Dr. Lopez has eighteen years of teaching experience in science and curriculum development including leadership and instructional positions at Nuestra Senora de Lourdes Private School, Dr. Jose N. Gandara Middle School and Lake Travis Independent School District in Texas. Students and teachers honored her as Teacher of the Year in 2005. Dr. Lopez was awarded a scholarship from National Science Foundation and the Science on Wheels Program to design collaborative research projects at the University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez. She has been the inspiration for many students to follow careers in science and other students to pursue their dreams living with passion. Dr. Lopez is a champion for first generations to finish high school and college.

In 2010, Dr. Lopez founded Ostras Conversion Partners LLC, a private practice in educational and facilitation services, which focuses on providing strategic resources that “make things happen”. Dr. Lopez is also founder of Aguada Advisors LLC which mentors experienced scientists and engineers to start their own businesses that develop new technologies. In 2012 Dr. Lopez founded Telinit Technologies LLC, a company in which she pursues the realization of connected communities, family and services through technology. Academically, Dr. Lopez earned her bachelors from University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez, and her masters and doctorate from Interamerican University of Puerto Rico.

Where we are:

Telinit Technologies is located just 3 blocks away and within easy walking distance of the beautiful and historic Marshall downtown area and the Federal Court House building. Our address is 214 West Fannin Street, Suite 16, Marshall, Texas 75670. We are in the west wing of the Marshall Technology Suites building.


Want more information? We will keep you posted.